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Peter Buckley

Peter BuckleyPeter Buckley trains hypnotherapists across the UK and is a practicing master hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner and life coach.

He has extensive experience teaching groups and individuals and in client practice, helping individuals access their potential for positive change.

Peter is fascinated by the ability of individuals to transform their own lives.

“I put as much as possible into each course I teach, because I want all of my students to have complete confidence in their ability. I also want them to know that, as hypnotherapists, they are engaged in something very positive that has the potential to transform their lives as well as the lives of their clients.”

Peter leads hypnotherapy training courses at The Martinsell Centre.

Peter has the following professional credentials:

His other qualifications include an Honours degree in Humanities, a Masters degree in Philosophy, a Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and an HNC in Communication.

In his practice he works with clients who need help with:

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