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Psychological Communication & Body Language

David Kato PhD. MA (Psychology). DHP.

(Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences)
Clinical Hypnotherapist / Psychoanalyst / Behavioral Therapist
Adjunct Professor – Alpha University, Louisiana.

Highly Valuable to All Therapists.

Would you like to know what people are thinking and feeling? Would you like to improve your interactive communication skills with others and understand human behaviour.

Detect clients underlying thoughts and feelings

Be a successful communicator

Understand human behaviour

Discover new rewarding techniques

Learn what you may give away about yourself to others

Enhance your practice with increased recommendations

Gain In-depth knowledge of psychological communication & Body language

This highly informative workshop on Psychological Communication and Body Language provides you with an in-depth knowledge, about the way patients / clients or other people reveal their underlying thoughts, by the way they stand or move. Understand their mood, if they are submissive, or committed to what they are conveying, are anxious, dominant, bored, lying, telling the truth.
The course covers linguistics and voice tonality, even down to micro-movements. These movements are produced at a subconscious / unconscious level, with the individual being unaware. Often people say things that are incongruent to what they are really thinking.

This skill can be used not only with clients / patients, but also
with friends, family and in social or business situations.
The ability to ‘read’ these signals, provides you with a new and in-depth understanding of how a patient / client thinks and feels, and ongoing interaction with therapy.

This comprehensive workshop will give you a great opportunity to discover and understand human behaviour, and what indicators you give away yourself.

No need to take notes – An interactive CD is provided with course content.

One day course