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Eva Mack

Eva MackEva leads Sweatlodge events at The Martinsell Centre.

After many years of studying Tibetan Buddhism, in 1988 Eva met Sun Bear a Medicine Man of the Chippewa Medicine People. Eva became an apprentice of Sun Bear and other teachers of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society and was initiated into the sacred rituals of the Sweatlodge and the Prayer Pipe. Eva was invited to live with the international community on Vision Mountain in America, which Sun Bear founded and which remains part of his vision of facilitating the spirituality of humanity. There she found profound healing and her spiritual home.

At around this time Eva began her studies with the Sundoor International School for Transpersonal Education – The Firewalking School with “The Mother of Fire” Peggy Dylan. Eva completed the Masters Firewalk Instructor Training and has been co-leading seminars with Peggy Dylan ever since.

In the following years Eva was inspired through other Medicine People from different traditions, significantly in Mexico where she met the Mexican Medicine Woman Isabel Vega who taught her the Moon Dance.  The ceremony lasts four nights and days, with a strong connection to the energy of the Full Moon, it brings healing and harmony between male and female and all of creation. The Moon Dance is a remarkable ceremony and is held once a year at Eva’s home, a small farm in the countryside in the South of Germany, where she lives with her horses, cats and dogs.

As a child nature always was a loving refuge for Eva and throughout her life she has felt a deep connection to animals and the wilderness. In Eva’s profession as a holistic equestrian veterinarian she works through understanding, channelled from the heart. A mother of two wonderful beings, a daughter and a son, Eva states that they are the most precious gift in her life.

Eva’s deepest wish is to support people with great love and compassion to recover the power of ceremony and to revive our connection to Nature and all that is living.

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