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Firewalk workshops FAQs

Why should I do it?

To give yourself concrete evidence of the amazing power that you have available; to learn to recognise and access that power again. To demonstrate conclusively that you are not merely a physical body subject to physical laws, but a transcendent entity capable under certain conditions of achieving the apparently impossible task of walking barefoot and unharmed over coals at a temperature of up to 1200 degrees. To confront fear. Fear in all its guises creates the limits we surround ourselves with. Fear is the fundamental obstacle that we all have to overcome in our quest for growth and development. Because, best of all, it’s a lot of fun!

Will I get burned?

Getting burned in not part of the seminar program. A unique programme has been developed to create the very precise circumstances where participants can walk safely. They construct and tend the fire to provide ideal conditions for walking. Given that you are not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs affecting the functioning of your nervous system and given that you follow instructions there is very little probability of your getting burned. The seminar is designed to inform you and to empower you – so that you KNOW HOW to walk safely.

Will I have to walk?

We don’t encourage anyone to walk if they don’t want to. There are a small percentage of people who prefer to watch rather than walk. We also know that it is impossible to know whether you will walk or not until you are confronted with the incandescent coal bed. Fear has nothing to do with whether you will walk or not. It is possible to walk in perfect safety across the coals and feel no fear or little fear. Fear is merely a resource; a means of alerting your body to the potential need for increased energy. Your decision to walk turns on the demand for that energy.

You make it sound very easy

That’s because actually it is. You don’t have to meditate on a mountain top for seven years to firewalk in safety. It is simply that most people are unaware of the enormous power that they have internally. It’s a wondrous experience, very exciting and a lot of fun.

Also on this training you’ll be given the opportunity to walk over broken glass unharmed and to break arrows with intention, or if you choose to, you can just watch and be amazed!

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