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Discover Your Communication skills ….. and how important they are in your life

DaffodilsA four day course led by Nicola Merton-Richards

October : Fri 13th – Sun 16th

£495 if paid six weeks in advance.

Once trained in these communication skills you will be able to:

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We will be running the full 15 day NLP practitioner training in 2018

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NLP practitioner training at The Martinsell Centre

CloudsNLP practitioner training at The Martinsell Centre provides:

International qualification

The Martinsell Centre NLP practitioner training is accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

All our course graduates are eligible for INLPTA membership which brings worldwide recognition and career opportunities as well as members-only benefits such as professional indemnity insurance cover.

NLP practitioner training graduates also automatically qualify as NLP life coaches, offering additional career opportunities.

Comprehensive, enjoyable training

Our NLP training courses not only meet all the requirements set by the the INLPTA NLP practitioner training standards, they are loads of fun too.

Small classes with personal attention

Our groups are limited to twelve people so you can confidently enjoy an intimate learning experience while we make sure we can meet your individual needs.

Peaceful, healing learning environment

The learning environment has a major impact on our ability to assimilate the powerful, life-enhancing experience that is NLP training.

The secure, nurturing environment provided by The Martinsell Centre enables you to let go of your inhibitions and open your mind to the unlimited possibilities offered by the training.

World-class tuition at down to earth prices

The Martinsell Centre NLP practitioner training meets, and in some areas considerably exceeds, internationally recognised certification standards, and yet costs less than many other similar courses.

Post-qualification support

We offer advice and guidance with how to register with official bodies, obtain professional indemnity insurance and how to develop your career as an NLP practitioner or life coach.

If you need that extra bit of inspiration or support in your NLP or life caoching practice, you can relax knowing that we are only a phone call away.

Further training opportunities

If you wish to study further after qualification, The Martinsell Centre also offers NLP Master practitioner training designed to advance your practice to the highest level possible.

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