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We warmly welcome you to our next Firewalking workshop to experience the magic of our firewalks …Where CHANGE really does happen.

  • Do you dare to take a walk to change your life?
  • Have you been "trying" to make changes in your life? 
  • Are you at a turning point but unsure of which direction to take?
  • Stuck in a rut & feeling unable to climb out?
  • Feeling unconfident in your life? Really want to make a difference?

Then this is definitely for you!

Make those changes…Come & experience the life-changing effects of a Glasswalk, Arrow break and Firewalk and find your true direction.

Nicola & Kelly welcome you & will facilitate your Firewalking experience in a very open, friendly & relaxed atmosphere. 

We offer a full & comprehensive workshop to prepare you to walk across hot coals and also broken glass & to break an arrow on the death point in your throat! And yes you can walk as many times as you choose too...when you are ready!

  • Experiencing really is believing
  • Full evening workshop only £95 per person reduced to £80 with £45 deposit paid 6 weeks in advance. Concessions available.
  • Take up our special offer this year of "fill a car for the price of 3" 
  • 4 people go for the price of 3 
  • Children welcome with a grown up. Special price of £35 for a child! 
  • A delicious veggie supper included & of course, homemade cake & hot cocoa to finish

Take a walk & change your life!

Looking forward to seeing you.

Where Change Happens.

A variety of volunteering opportunities are available to those who prefer to offer their skills and time in either part or full payment for the workshop.

Why not get sponsored for your Firewalk? You can download one of our sponsorship forms here or if you wish to raise money for a particular charity, contact them for sponsorship details.

Firewalk workshops can also be arranged for private events, courses and retreat programmes.

Get in touch to find out more about Firewalk workshops at The Martinsell Centre

" Being a skeptical person, I was unsure of the outcome or if I would even be able to undertake firewalking itself. I went along with curiosity and an open mind; I came away with a transformational life-changing experience. Now when challenged in life, I remember how many times I have walked across broken glass and fire ... unharmed. I can do that, so I can do anything that I set my mind to do. Totally empowering to one’s true abilities, unlocking limited beliefs that restrict our full potential. What can’t you do?" 
Kelly Dovey 2008 

(Now Martinsell Manager and Firewalking Instructor)
Introduction to Firewalking

Firewalking has been practiced by many indigenous cultures for thousands of years, with records dating back to 1200 BC.

Firewalks have been used as initiation and healing rites and as a method for overcoming limiting beliefs, phobias and fears.

For many, the seemingly impossible feat of walking over hot coals and emerging completely unharmed is a transformational experience.

Learning to use the mind to overcome the fear of getting burnt can teach us how to harness our power in every area of our lives.

Firewalk Workshops at The Martinsell Centre

Shamanic techniques encourage, empower and enthral participants in the firewalking seminar.

Through glass walking, arrow breaking and bar bending people rediscover their power.

The practices are used deliberately to challenge preconditioned concepts of what is possible, allowing us to break free from the self-imposed prisons of limiting beliefs.

When we discover that we have the power to change our beliefs, we cease to experience limitations and we open the way to a life of empowerment, freedom and abundance.

We discover that we have the ability to create our own reality and as we allow ourselves to dream  the biggest dreams possible, our physical experience of life becomes whatever we choose to create.

The seminar acts as a catalyst which enables people to reach out and go beyond self imposed limitations. 


There is absolutely no pressure on participants to walk, though most participants choose to walk by the end of the evening.

As the sense of limitation recedes, participants begin to become aware of their ability to access amazing power, begin to feel that power and become powerful.

They walk empowered, they walk elated and often they walk again and again and again.It’s a wondrous experience, very exciting and most importantly, a lot of fun.


How do I register?

Simple! Give us a call on 01672 564259 and we will send you the relevant registration forms.