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 Testimonials - Training and Courses

" Fantastic Place to release limiting beliefs, restore confidence and find oneself. Have been privileged to do the Firewalk, NLP and Hypnotherapy training through the Martinsell Centre, the venue is one of the most tranquil places I have ever been to and Nicola and Kelly are the heart and soul of this place radiating gentleness love and compassion. Anybody who is struggling with their life or who needs to rebalance things should come here as a priority...your life will shift beyond anything you could have imagined. Many blessings to Nicola and Kelly xxxx "  ~ Rachael King


" Truly magical place. Utterly life changing."  ~ Vicki Hocquard


" An outstanding centre of personal development where change does happen in the most fundamental and amazing way." ~ Chris Payne


“ Maybe The Martinsell Centre should be re-named ‘the sanctuary’ because without a doubt it became one for me! Having lived the hamster wheel life for many years, working in a large city prison, I made a decision to enrol on a two week hypnotherapy course at the Centre, with a view to making some changes to the mad life I was living, at that time affecting my health. If you truly wish to escape from the outside world, theres no traffic, shops or "normal" folk to be found here. The well equipped accommodation is surrounded by mature spacious gardens and countryside, fruit laden trees and perfect hideaways for meditation, or reading the newspaper. For me this was home. I reconnected with my lost soul here. I look forward to returning many times. On return I quit my fulltime employment, scary hey! Mortgage and bills didn't quit along with me! But the life changes worked. I now have a growing hypnotherapy practice called 'Freedom hypnotherapy', and I’m working on my idea of the perfect life. Thank you so much to everyone I shared that re-defining time with, the Martinsell Centre is a true haven.” ~ Jayne

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training at 'Martinsell' and Peter Buckley was a fantastic trainer.  The training was very thorough and because of this it gave me great confidence. I didn't look back after returning to Dublin. I launched my hypnotherapy business immediately, operating from a lovely office in Dublin city centre.  Most of my practice was 'Stop Smoking' sessions, which worked a treat after just one session, leading to many many referrals.  I also built a great reputation in hypnotherapy confidence sessions for my clients as well as fear of flying sessions, with my clients now flying around the world with ease and not to mention the rewarding summer seasonal work with nervous brides and best men leading up to their respective speeches.  Considering I started this practice at the start of the last recession and ran with it all the way through and out the other side of the recession really shows the demand for hypnotherapy.  I can't thank you enough for all the help and support you gave me in the weeks I was at 'Martinsell' and to top it all off the great relaxing location it is set in is a super reward at the end of a busy study day." ~ Clare Reed - Hypnotherapist