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Therapy & Healing


Therapy and healing sessions provide you with the opportunity to learn ways to deal with personal challenges

You will gain new insights into how your mind and body function and discover ways to empower yourself, find the change you seek and create the future you desire.

You will gain a deeper understanding of how you can change your attitudes, behaviour and emotions and deal with issues like anxiety, depression and addiction while regaining motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence.

You might also enjoy complementary therapies such as massage, reflexology and reiki with our resident therapists.

Nicola Merton-Richards

Nicola offers one to one private sessions which combine highly effective tools from Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Shamanic Healing with a good dose of intuition.

Through her integrative approach you will tap more of your creative potential, unlock powerful inner resources and experience crucial internal shifts.

Find out more about Nicola Merton-Richards at The Martinsell Centre.

Kelly Dovey

Kelly offers her services as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, CBT Practitioner and Firewalking instructor.

Kelly is also the Centre Manager at Martinsell is responsible for all the land management as well as the running of the centre. She is also an accomplished wood carver and craftsperson and runs craft workshops at Martinsell.

Find out more about Kelly Dovey at The Martinsell Centre.