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Hypnotherapy Masterclass


A three day weekend masterclass led by Peter Buckley:

*Dates to be confirmed

£300 excluding accommodation.

Accommodation options and rates vary.

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Martinsell Centre

Hypnotherapy Masterclass at The Martinsell Centre

This is an information and experience packed course exploring the nature of identity and belief that underlies the issues that our clients, and we face; giving insight and practical methods to help release and transcend apparent limitations. Drawing on the work of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, the teachings of Non-duality, the revelations of mystical teaching and the energy work of the Mesmerists and Magnetists of old, we will be better able to recognise these practical methods in order to facilitate the transformation of our clients and ourselves.

In particular:

  • We will look for the Invisible Hypnotherapist and the Invisible Client as we explore identity and everyday trance through the asking of “The Important "Question” in order to reveal what is true about the client and ourselves.
  • Discover “The Mysterious Substance” without which the client’s issues (and our issues) cannot exist; and the core misunderstanding that generates all our other misunderstandings and fears.
  • Uncover the possibility of “The Hidden Agenda” that challenging issues are pointing to.
  • Experience an introduction to “The Invisible Energy” and ways of cultivating and directing that energy to help our clients and ourselves.  Given many names throughout time, by Secret Societies and Alchemists, what is the energy that makes the difference?  Just what did Mesmer and the old Magnetists know?
  • Explore more deeply the power of Being with the client. Can you bring about change just by your presence; and who is being present with whom?
There will be :
  • Group trances created specifically for this course material – (You get to be in trance again!)
  • Demonstrations and exercises
  • Powerpoint slides and video
  • Free copies of all the trances, slides and material used on the course

This course is led by Peter Buckley

"Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes."