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Hypnotherapy Training


A fifteen day course with Peter Buckley:

Dates to be confirmed for 2020

£2,000 if paid six weeks in advance.

Get in touch to find out more about the Diploma in Hypnotherapy at The Martinsell Centre.

Find out more about the Diploma in Hypnotherapy at The Martinsell Centre

 " The course material was excellent, very comprehensive and well-tailored towards therapy. I had considered doing the same course with a different company but the price and location won me over. I was made to feel one of the family and would not hesitate in recommending this centre or attending another course. Thank you for making the last two weeks a wonderful experience and for looking after me. ~ David Ellis, The Mind Works

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Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the use of deep relaxation, altered states and suggestion to help someone make positive changes in their life.

It is used to successfully to resolve phobias and traumas, support physical healing, facilitate smoking cessation and weight control, build confidence and improve most of the psychological and emotional issues that people face.

Becoming a Hypnotherapist is a way of making a significant difference to people’s 

lives … including your own.

Find out more about Introduction to Hypnotherapy courses at The Martinsell Centre 

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy training at The Martinsell Centre provides:

  • Comprehensive, enjoyable training
  • Small classes with personal attention
  • Peaceful, healing learning environment
  • World-class tuition at down to earth prices
  • Post-qualification support
  • Further training opportunities

Our Hypnotherapy Training Courses are loads of fun as well as an excellent basis from which to launch a career in which you can help others while improving your own life.
Find out more about the Diploma in Hypnotherapy at The Martinsell Centre

Hypnotherapy Masterclass

The Hypnotherapy Masterclass at The Martinsell Centre covers: 

  • We will look for the Invisible Hypnotherapist and the Invisible Client as we explore identity and everyday trance through the asking of “The Important "Question” in order to reveal what is true about the client and ourselves.
  • Discover “The Mysterious Substance” without which the client’s issues (and our issues) cannot exist; and the core misunderstanding that generates all our other misunderstandings and fears.
  • Uncover the possibility of “The Hidden Agenda” that challenging issues are pointing to.
  • Experience an introduction to “The Invisible Energy” and ways of cultivating and directing that energy to help our clients and ourselves.  Given many names throughout time, by Secret Societies and Alchemists, what is the energy that makes the difference?  Just what did Mesmer and the old Magnetists know?
  • Explore more deeply the power of Being with the client. Can you bring about change just by your presence; and who is being present with whom?

Find out more about the Hypnotherapy Masterclass at The Martinsell Centre