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What About Me?


A two day weekend course with Peter Buckley – dates to be confirmed

This 2 day relaxed but intensive course will give you the opportunity to understand and recognise that Change is Possible and that You have the tools within yourself to make that change.

Perhaps you are a Mum whose children have flown the nest, newly divorce, bereaved, in an unfulfilled relationship or job, with time on your hands and don’t know what skills you have to fill it.

What about me …

Who am I?

Where am I going in life?

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

How can I use my skills to move forward in a positive way?

What is preventing me from realising my dreams?

The essence of the weekend is to enable you, in a safe environment, to expand your mind and thoughts without that ‘inner voice’ sabotaging a positive outcome.

Peter Buckley who is running the course is a highly qualified Master Hypnotherapist and Teacher who has taught Hypnotherapy at Martinsell for the past 10 years,

He is an amazingly intuitive teacher who recognises that we all have the resources within ourselves to achieve our true potential. The weekend is relaxing in a way that permits our inner thoughts to be acknowledged and allowing you to explore a life that perhaps you feel you do not deserve, or are unable to fulfil so that changes can occur.

The course will give you the opportunity to empower and discover more about yourself, your true potential and give you the knowledge to change your mind set, recognising your limiting beliefs so you can create the future you truly desire.