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NLP Master Practitioner Training

A fifteen day course over five weekends or a fifteen day intensive course over three weeks led by Nicola Merton-Richards:

Dates TBA

£2000 if paid six weeks in advance.

NLP Master Practitioner Training at The Martinsell Centre

NLP Master Practitioner Training is about mastery, mastery of a whole new set of powerful techniques as well as learning how to use your existing NLP skills on an entirely new level.

You will learn new, advanced approaches while becoming more effective with your existing NLP skills, deepening your understanding of your practice.

The Master Practitioner Training equips you with valuable models, methods and information and provides a learning environment to help you clarify and develop your professional role.

It also includes an extended study of systems, modelling and advanced strategies.

The NLP Master Practitioner Training at The Martinsell Centre covers:

  • Mastering your NLP skills for personal and professional growth
  • Learning how to influence with integrity using cutting-edge conversational techniques
  • Developing your use of Milton language patterns, trance patterns and metaphor
  • Understanding people patterns and using meta-programmes: Myers-Briggs type indicators
  • Mastering the latest in change techniques related to identity and beliefs
  • Developing your strategy elicitation and modelling skills
  • Integrating the skills of Master Presenter, Trainer and Educator
  • Exploring the use of NLP for group and team learning and development
  • Coaching and enabling powerful change for your clients

Accreditation and Qualification

The Martinsell Centre NLP Master Practitioner training is accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

All our course graduates are eligible for INLPTA membership which brings worldwide recognition and career opportunities as well as members-only benefits such as Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Graduates also automatically qualify as NLP Life Coaches, offering additional career opportunities.

Training Standards

NLP Master Practitioner Certification requires a minimum of 130 hours of advanced training taught by a certified INLPTA Trainer and is only available to those already holding NLP Practitioner Certification.