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Testimonials -Therapies 

" Life continues to be an amazing adventure !! All very happy and prosperous ! Here it is ...... 8 years ago my life was falling apart with no purpose or meaning and everything that was important to me was gone. It was then I was introduced to Nicola, Kelly and the Martinsell Centre, without any prior knowledge of me or myself having any prior knowledge of this life change lifestyle, I began my journey. At Martinsell I was nurtured and cared for while being challenged and motivated. My mindset began to change, my life began to change, so much so that for the first time in my life I believed in me ! I went on to train with Martinsell coming out with NLP practitioners, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist certification. I am a different person now, with a totally different out look, my friends and family see how different and happy I am. I will never forget what an impact Martinsell had on my life and I an so grateful for the care, support and opportunity they gave to me, to live life to the fullest and hand on to others what Martinsell taught me." Kit

" The ley lines at Martinsell Centre make this a magical place for change and personal growth. While Nicola and Kelly provide homegrown organic food, and optional programs for expanding ones awareness within a nurturing space, the privacy and seclusion of Martinsell allows each person to use the high energy here as he or she chooses for personal healing. I find this special place always brings the healing I need."  ~ Dr. Pia Orleane, Author and Consultant