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Testimonials - Firewalking

" Fantastic Place to release limiting beliefs, restore confidence and find oneself. Have been privileged to do the Firewalk, NLP and Hypnotherapy training through the Martinsell Centre, the venue is one of the most tranquil places I have ever been to and Nicola and Kelly are the heart and soul of this place radiating gentleness love and compassion. Anybody who is struggling with their life or who 
needs to rebalance things should come here as a priority...your life will shift beyond anything you could have imagined. Many blessings to Nicola and Kelly xxxx " ~ Rachael King

" Thank you for the space to recognise my fears, hopes, ambitions, limitations, beliefs and wishes. 
Thank you for the chance to recognise the fear that burns inside when I push my boundaries. 
Thank you for the secure forum amongst total strangers that lets me unlock and discuss the things that I normally hide away. 
Thank you for the tears that build up and the release of emotion when I hear my own problems, and those of others around me and I know that we are all held as equally important and valued and supported. 
I have done this amazing experience twice now. 8 years between the two visits. After both visits I can honestly say that my world has been changed by how I see it and respond to it because of the firewalk and all it unlocks. 8 years ago I was initially driven by interest, curiosity and an opportunity to sit myself down and figure out a way to spin my life around and turn it into everything I wished but never imagined I could have. This year I was drawn back to visit my quietened self and to remember how to make the best of my opportunities and remember how healing it can be to be kinder to myself and others as well. The moments of confronting my own mind and developing self-belief have been very tough on both occasions. I have walked over broken glass and considered why my feet are unmarked. I have broken a wooden arrow with my throat and done nothing but feel the surge of passion and creativity unlock once more. I have walked through glowing embers, bright red charcoals and red hot scorched earth a total of 9 times now and not once have I suffered a burn. My feet get very warm for sure but for me that is the point. Sometimes the fear of getting burned prevents the liberation of walking over my barriers and walking calmly towards my goals. 

The group moments are truly inspirational and the bond to total strangers with open hearts is refreshing. Nicola and Kelly (with Wolf, Inca & Barley) understand the important difference between a genuine open greeting and the false fluffiness that is easy to see right through from so many team builder and motivational groups. The food is quite simply tasty and plentiful. Every need is tended gently. The cake and hot chocolate is indulgent. Both Nicola and Kelly open their hearts and home willingly in exchange for honesty and respect. The end result twice now has been a restoration of my soul and a reinvigorated drive to do the things that best serve me and my loved ones without harming others – and to ignore the voice of incessant nagging of what I “should” do instead. I am not selfish, I am self-considerate. This is the difference and the thing that aids sleep, releases tensions and allows me to deal with the good and bad things that come in everyday life without letting any of it evolve into the monster that my fears so readily embrace. I see you and I know you. A firewalk is not about pushing my luck and walking on flames quickly to prove how brave I am to others. It is for me a day that returns me to the joys of how good life is when I take back the reins. It won’t be 8 years before you see me again and I will not go anywhere else other than Martinsell. It is a sanctuary for the soul and truly where change happens. 
Thank you all once more. Bright blessing and deep gratitude " ~ Andi Burnham X