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Walk the Dragons Tail


There is a monastery in China at the top of a mountain, the last part of the climb to the monastery consists of 1000 steps cut out of the stone. It is rumoured that if you were to experience each step Mindfully you would be fully Enlightened when you reach the top. Not an easy thing to do as it would require incredible focus of attention, but I suspect that if you could pull it off, then you’d find the rumour to be true.

We haven’t got a mountain or a monastery, but we have Martinsell Hill, an ancient sacred site on a powerful ley line (dragon line) and we have a few thousand steps to practice.

The point of mindful walking is to realise that there is no destination, the walk itself is the destination. There’s no rush because we are not going anywhere.   

Each conscious moment of walk is a vehicle to move deeper into awareness, if you can hold your attention in the moment you’ll find yourself moving deeper and deeper into awareness as you climb the hill.

There are places on the walk which lend themselves to stopping and taking in the surrounding beauty.